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lördag 24 augusti 2013



Here are some close ups of our planets and moons in varied sizes, please note the day and night sides.

Anders the elder

Terran type garden world

Terran type garden world night side

Mars like world

mars like night side, please note the small settlement

Ice moon

Ice moon night side, Small research station/settlement visible

Heavily polluted Terran type world covered in mega storms, note space elevator 

Night side, Note thunder storms and space elevator

fredag 23 augusti 2013

Peters Alien menace!


We have been busy discussing our full thrust plans today and as part of that I got some better pictures of Peter's Alien fleet.


Anders the elder

The fleet in all its glory

Space interceptors with super carrier in the background

Press ganged slave race cruiser, slow but well armored

Nova cannon cruiser
Alien heavy cruiser

lördag 17 augusti 2013

Anders the elders PHR

Some old pictures of my PHR or as I call them, Marine drop troopers:

Peter's Shaltari

Some random pictures of Peters Shaltari menace:

War comes to New eden

Some of you might have seen thees pictures before as we put them up with the release of Dropzone commander. because of space issues we haven't been able to work on this project but now as it has been resolved we are going to finish this terrain project and get more games played.

The buildings are 15mm foamcore houses from Gamecraft miniatures and will also be used for our Robotech game table.

I Anders the elder have the PHR army and my friend peter play the Shaltari, We don't follow the official background and have instead made up our own,

Traffic jam leaving the city
View from our tallest building

Full Thrust beginings

To start of this blog here is some pictures form our latest full thrust game. We play full thrust using our two custom fleets:

- Humans, focusing of faster ships with heavy railguns in the front fire arc and backed up with heavy missile batteries.

- The alien menace: slower ships with 360 degrees laser batteries and stealth systems.

We will do a more in depth post on our fleets in the future.


Anders the elder

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